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How Social Skills Are Taught Online


The Timms Social Skills Program offers a wide range of subjects. Classes are set up for one class per week for approximately one hour per class. There are a maximum of six students per class to ensure positive interaction. 

For all classes The Timms Social Skills Program uses the Systematic Analysis Framework (SAF). This problem solving approach seeks to provide the student a way in which they can better solve their own questions. 

The Timms Social Skills Program differs from other social skills programs in two main ways. First, Speech Therapists teach the pragmatics of social skills such as body language and eye contact. The Timms Social Skills Program teaches the educational core of social skills. By explaining the skill in a fun, interactive way the student is able to retain the information. Second, the entire program is done online. We have found this approach to be successful because the students cannot see each other so you can have a 7 year old in a class with a 12 year old (who is functioning on a 7 year old level) and the 12 year old will not feel uncomfortable because they don’t realize they are in a younger class. Also, there are fewer distractions since video is not used. Only audio and chat are utilized in the presentation.


The Timms Social Skills students don’t get homework but their parents/caregivers do. The parent homework is an explanation given to the parent on how to generalize the skill the student just attained into their “real world”. I give helpful hints and activities for the parent/caregiver to do with the child to reinforce the skill they just learned. A summary of the class along with the information given on the parent/caregiver homework slide is available to be sent home to the students parent/caregiver.

The Timms Social Skills Program also offers a Job Skills Program which is presented in the same way as the Social Skills Program. In addition, the Job Skills Program also includes links to useful websites and downloads to help students prepare for their job search and interview process.

Not every student is accepted into The Timms Social Skills Program. There is an initial free consultation to discuss with the parent/caregiver if the program will be right for their child at this time. If it is decided that the child will be accepted into the program the parent/caregiver receives a 30 day money back guarantee. If their child is not engaged after 4 classes (30 days) they will receive a full refund.  Scholarships are also available for qualifying families.

Our Mission


The Timms Social Skills Program exists to help students build confidence in complex social situations. We take a revolutionary interactive approach to teaching that helps students understand complex social issues. Through fun and focused topics, our students develop the tools they need to express themselves appropriately in a variety of social situations. Our success depends on the individualized attention we give to each student and guiding them to an appropriate response. There are no wrong answers in our class. If a student gives an answer, whether it is correct or incorrect, we ask why they answered that way. We have come to realize that 95% of the time the student has a very good reason for answering a question the way they did, even if the average person would find their answer inappropriate. Upon finding the reason, we explain to the student why others may not find that appropriate and gently guide them to an appropriate response.

Social Stories for Autistic Children